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Staff Editorial:Miss Howard Crowned Miss HBCU in Atlanta

Published: Monday, September 28, 2009

Updated: Monday, September 28, 2009 08:09

Our View: The Hilltop is proud of you Miss Howard University!

This weekend, Miss Howard University gracefully snatched the title of Miss HBCU from 24 other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) pageant hopefuls at the annual National Black College Alumni Hall Of Fame Foundation, Inc. Competition of Black College Queens pageant, in Atlanta.

Kendall Isadore, Miss Howard University 2008-2010, has consequently claimed a place for herself in history as not only the first Miss Howard to serve two terms, but also as Howard's first winner of the national pageant.

Isadore's win not only commemorates Howard's first victory in the national pageant arena, but surprisingly also marks the first time Howard has ever participated in the pageant geared towards HBCUs.

The National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc. Competition of Black College Queens has been taking place for several years.

Howard's participa-tion in the pageant hopefully worked to dispel some of our unfortunately "bourgeoisie" reputation, as representatives of Howard competed alongside representatives of countless other HBCUs, vying for a chance to claim the coveted crown of Mr. or Ms. HBCU - a task which our Miss Howard unflinchingly accomplished.

Kendall Isadore winning the title of Miss HBCU gives the rest of the Howard University community something to be proud of; her crown has projected both herself independently, as well as the Howard University name, into a nationally recognized, positive spotlight.

We as a university community should not only congratulate our Miss Howard for her accomplishments, but also applaud ourselves as a university for our participation in an event where we stood with others and proved that Howard can reach out and work together with students from other HBCUs.

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Another Great Bison
Mon Oct 5 2009 17:41
Why even dignify this garbage remark with comment. Obviously when you dwell in your own sorry trash, you give out the same. Oh well, when you're great, haters come running!!
Mon Oct 5 2009 13:25
I speak for ALL Bisons when I say that one of the plights of the Howard student is having to defend ourselves against people like you. Howard is a place of merit and prestige and if we are reveling in anything, it is those two attributes. We live by our core values of SERVICE, TRUTH, EXCELLENCE, and LEADERSHIP. We all come to Howard hoping to be exemplars of our motto: Leaders for America and the Global Community. You may call it bourgeoisie, but I say it's living up to the expectations we have of ourselves and also EXCEEDING them. You may think the weekend in Atlanta was simply a pageant, but to me, it was an opportunity to showcase only one of Howard's prized possessions: the student (s). Howard is the cream of the crop and the pinnacle of excellence, and everyone can't be at the top. Perhaps when you stop reveling in your own mediocrity, you'll realize that there's more to us than meets the eye. For I assure you, I am no trash rag. :)
Mon Oct 5 2009 13:08
I believe the beauty of America is that we are free to disagree and have the freedom to speak on behalf of our beliefs.Some of us,however, have learned to be intellectual and to disagree tastefully.This person has, obviously, not learned this craft. Howard has its flaws,but we do have a way of supporting one another like very few institutions can or are willing to. That is what the story was about; the love the Howard community has for one another.We not only stand together in pageants, but we stand together to end violence , to teach children to be better citizens of the world and to assure that all Americans have health care. Don't diminish what we do in other areas just because you don't see the relevance of pageants. And let's not resort to name calling, she is a fellow bison and wonderful young woman.
Mon Oct 5 2009 12:50
I think that she did a great job and is a very talented woman. As for the comment above, Miss Howard is in no way a trashrag nor does Howard University pride itself on being "bourgeoisie". Howard is just as committed (if not more) in providing a safe haven and a foundation of support for the African Americans and other minorties. The Hilltop did a great job with printing this article because of its committment to supporting its students and in this case it is Miss Howard and the recognition of her victory. The Hilltop is also always at the forefront to address the issues that are harming anf affecting our community so instead of bashing the hilltop and Miss Howard, I challenge you negative writers to channel that energy into a more positive means and do something to make a change...
Any way, enough for my spill.... Great job Miss Howard and continue to use that talents god blesses you with and your leadership abilities to represent for Howard University and all the other HBCUs, as well as for minority communities.
Mon Oct 5 2009 12:46
*Ahem* The comment was that hopefully Miss Isadore's participation in the pageant would help to DISPEL that "bourgeoisie" reputation. Your entire reply was based on an incorrect premise. Please double check before issuing any future statements.
Your name
Tue Sep 29 2009 09:46
"Howard’s participa-tion in the pageant hopefully worked to dispel some of our unfortunately “bourgeoisie” reputation"

So participation in a pageant proves that Howard is "bourgeoisie"?!?

I think that Howard and in particular this trashrag, revel in being called "bourgeoisie". You people disgust me. You people have to get it together. Howard has 1.5 percent of the endowment of Harvard and yet we are concerned with some silly pageant and our image of being "bourgeoisie". People are getting killed in our neighborhoods and yet The Hilltop prints this crap. SMH!

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