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Valley Party Leads to Riot Over Veterans Day Weekend

Multimedia Editor

Published: Monday, November 12, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 12, 2012 23:11

According to several student accounts there was a "riot" outside of the Quad Monday morning.

According to the student blog "Sadie Says" the riot happened around 2 a.m. Monday morning when students left the Valley and poured out onto 4th Street.  

The incident is garnering attention because of an accompanied video.  The video, entitled "#HU16 Doin the Utmost as Usual" was later taken down.  In the video students are heard chanting "HU...You know!" and the videographer describes a police car being hit with a brick.  

Jeremiah Jones, a freshman Film major, was there and doesn't like the way the video reflects the school. “It makes the school look bad in general. HU is supposed to be the cream of the crop of black people, but this makes us look like we have no home training.”

Jocelyn Jones, a freshman Public Relations major agrees. “It was intense. I actually thought it was pretty ignorant.” She says that including Metropolitan Police, there were approximately 20 police cars outside the dormitory.

Still, Jeremiah Jones says that the ruckus wasn’t actually as bad as it looked in the video. “Although it was pretty bad, it wasn’t that bad. The video makes it look much worse than it was. If I wasn’t there and I had just saw the video I would be like “What the hell?’”

According to Howard University spokesperson Dr. Kerry-Ann Hamilton, "The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is investigating this incident, which appears to have emanated from an unauthorized party in the Valley. Public safety with support form Metropolitan Police Department closed the party and dispersed the crowd. Following the review by DPS, any violators of the Student Code of Conduct will be forwarded to Special Student Services for appropriate adjudication." 

Look below for the video, and Howard students' reactions on Twitter.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains foul  language and is not owned or created by The Hilltop.  It was originally posted on YouTube by an account with the user name "Bianca Saunders." The video and the account have since been deleted.

#HU16 "Riot" from The Hilltop on Vimeo.