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Students Laugh It Up At Comedy Show

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updated: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 09:10

Homecoming 2010 Comedy Show 3

Naomie Payen - Staff Photographer

Homecoming 2010 Comedy Show 2

Naomie Payen - Staff Photographer

Homecoming 2010 Comedy Show 1

Naomie Payen - Staff Photographer

Roars of laughter filled Cramton Auditorium as the 2010 Howard Homecoming Comedy Show commenced.


Sheryl Underwood served as the host of the night getting the show started through a series of comical introductions.


Up first was comedian Rallo Boykins, followed by a musical parody performance from Howard's own student comedian, OG Stepha Dolla. Her remix of Rick Ross' hit "B.M.F." song in which she recited the words " I think I'm Ricki Lake, Mo'Nique…I'm a chubby girl and I love to eat." did not prove to be a hit with the crowd.


Billy Sorrell, dubbed by Sheryl Underwood as the Morris Chestnut of comedy, was the next act to grace the stage. He left the crowd doubling over with laughter and wanting more of his wise cracking humor.


"I've actually been waiting for Howard's invitation, so when I got the call I was glad to come," Sorrell said. "Howard has been responsible for launching so many careers in the entertainment industry."


Sorrell said he had never seen such professionalism, not even in professional shows, that he witnessed that night. "The backstage team was very efficient and being at a university show and seeing that kind of professionalism really impressed me," he said.


The multitalented Lav Luv kept the crowd going with his "R & B singer" monologue, followed by Ronnie Jordan with an imitation of Ruben Studdard and his ever so catchy "fat man" joke.


Both Lav Luv and Ronnie said that this was their first time being asked to come to Howard's Homecoming and were very grateful for the opportunity to perform.


"I'm honored to be a part of Howard's Homecoming. This is where all the greats, Biggie and many others have made a name for themselves so I'm honored to be here." Jordan said.


Lav Luv said that he thoroughly enjoyed the show and would not mind being asked back to perform a second time.


The female comedian Dominique followed the performance of Lav Luv and had the crowd bent over in laughter as she kept the jokes rolling. Dominique is no stranger to Howard University, being a native of D.C. herself, and has been a part of the homecoming festivities for the three times now.


"The best advice anyone can give is to find your own personality on that stage," Dominique said. "Yes, I've had advice from Sheryl and many others about being a comedian, but you have to find your own style and own personality in the end."


The headliner, well known comedian and entertainer, Steve Brown rounded off the show, leaving the audience gasping for air as the night drew to a close.


"I definitely had the hardest job of the night because I had to follow multiple acts and Howard is not an easy crowd to please," Brown said, laughing. "But I enjoyed myself. It was my first time here, and it was overall enjoyable."


Brown said that he is currently working on a few projects, his biggest being a tour entitled, "Meet the Browns of Stand Up Comedy," in which he and other comedians with the last name Brown go on a country wide tour promoting their comedy acts.


Loren Culler, a freshman political science major, said that he enjoyed himself and that overall it was a good show.


"I think the Comedy Show was definitely a good show to go to as a freshman, but I don't see [myself] going every year however," said Culler.


Amiri James, a junior television production major, said that he, too, had a nice time at the show and that the only flaw that he perhaps could have done without was the repetition of similar jokes by different comedians.

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