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Some Still Skeptical of HU police

Contributing Writer

Published: Monday, November 19, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 19, 2012 02:11

Campus Police patrol the streets of Howard University every single day but many are still confused about the duties of those who are assigned to secure the campus.
The HU department of Public Safety headquarters is located in the Howard University Service center at, 2244 10th St. NW 2nd floor, Washington, DC.
Similar to the Metropolitan Police, the primary duty of HU campus police is to ensure compliance with the Howard University Board of Trustees, as well as the enforcement of applicable District of Columbia Codes and Municipal Regulations within its jurisdiction.
    “Campus Police may be described as being the D.C. police of Howard. We may use forces, some of us are armed and we intend to carry ourselves as police. We are authorized to protect and patrol within a one mile radius of campus and every building owned by the University,” William Carpenter, the CPO of Executive Protection Unit of HUDPS, said.
    It is a little known fact that campus police are employed by the Metropolitan Police Department. Perhaps this can be linked to many students’ views that Campus Police is not an intimidating force of authority. 
    “Sometimes I don’t understand the purpose of campus police,” Nneka Jackson said.  “Either they take their job too seriously or the next day they aren’t there when you need them We call them rent-a-cops.”
    According to campus inspector Kenneth Martin, as of October 2012 crime on campus and within one mile of campus has declined significantly within the past year. This decrease in crime had to do with the on campus “blue lights,” police response to immediate action and alert systems.  
Students question the that claim considering the recent attacks and robbery reports.  The severity of these crimes caused students to turn to Twitter to rant about what they feel is a lax campus safety. 
“I heard our tuition money goes toward those campus police seaways, I’d rather it go towards police training camps,” Christen Pickens, a junior African American Studies major said. 
Recent news on the Howard University Public Safety website states that within the past two weeks there has been a spike in crime incidents around the Howard University community. Specifically, the campus has seen a rise in the robberies, assaults and theft from cars parked on and off campus. All students, faculty, and staff members are to pay particular attention to their surroundings and the activity going on around them at all times. Always take precautionary measures to protect yourself, and your personal property, the statement read. 
To help bring awareness to campus crime and safety, Howard would often host on campus safety fairs and town hall meetings but many students are left unsatisfied. 
“Howard thinks all these safety fairs and town halls are about to stop crime? How about just improving campus police?” Kiah Daniels, a Howard student,  tweeted.

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