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Police Investigate Howard Student's Death, Suspect Robbery

Published: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 22:10

Alonzo Guyton

Courtesy of Sekaya Harris

Alonzo Guyton, a sophomore music composition major, was shot and killed in Maryland on Tuesday morning.

Police officials believe that the fatal shooting that killed a Howard student was the product of a botched robbery.

Alonzo Guyton, a sophomore music composition major from Central Florida, was shot and killed Tuesday morning in Mount Rainier, Md., police officials say.

After reports of multiple gunshots and a man down in the Kaywood Gardens Apartment Complex in Mount Rainier--an area just outside of the District's border--Chief Police Michael Scott and officials responded to the area around midnight, according to Prince George's County Police Department.

Scott says police officials and EMS found Guyton with two gunshot wounds, one to the head.

"We think it might have been a robbery gone bad, but we're not sure," he said.

Scott believes Guyton was a resident of Kaywood Gardens, as their were personal items such as a cell phone found on the scene. No identification card or wallet were found on him.

Guyton, 24, was transferred to the Washington Hospital Center in D.C. where he was pronounced dead at 12:50 a.m.

The PGPD and Mount Rainier Police Department's homicide units are still investigating the case and have no further information as of this morning.

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Diamond Y.
Thu Oct 27 2011 07:34
My Fellow Marine & Friend, You Truly Didn't Deserve This B.S. You Were Truly One Of The Good Ones. Someone That Was Making A Difference In This Cruel Cruel World. Your Music Ability Was Out Of This World But What Made You The Outstanding Person You Are Is Your Personality. You Were A Friend To Any & Everyone In Need No Matter Who They Were. I Pray They Find Your Killer Or Killers And Put Them Under The Jail, There's No Possible Excuse That Could Justify Their Actions. Most Of All I Pray That You Are Resting With Our Heavenly Father Where There Is Nomore Pain Or Suffering. I Will See You When I Get There Until Then Rest In Paradise,
CHS 05
Wed Oct 26 2011 21:00
Alonzo was an amazing person and a great friend to anyone and everyone. He was one go the nicest people I have ever met and I feel so blessed to have gone to highschool with him and gotten to call him a friend. It is so sad that he had to leave us like this, he deserved better. I hope the police understand how important he is and how loved he was and give some actual time and effort to his case.
Wed Oct 26 2011 17:16
This is just terrible. May his soul RIP
Wed Oct 26 2011 15:22
Cowards tried to rob him. "Botched robbery" probably means Alonzo fought them off, and then the cowards shot him. What a shame that one or more cowards who will never produce anything (by their own choice) for society decided to take the life of this young talented example of an African American male. The funny thing is if they ever catch the murderer(s), the family members of the shooter will proclaim that they are good kids, got mixed up in the wrong crowd, etc. No, Alonzo was a good kid. Alonzo served his country and community. Alonzo was getting the education he earned. He could have been a coward and chosen the easy way of robbing and murder. No, the person(s) who perpetrated this crime are not worthy of being called anything other than yellow bellied cowards.
Naketa P.
Wed Oct 26 2011 10:58
G was a dear friend of my late brother TJ Dunaway, my love , thoughts, prayers and apologies arae all with his family and friends.
Wed Oct 26 2011 09:53
Not to mention a former Marine. Not only was he dedicated to his school, but also his country.
Wed Oct 26 2011 00:09
This is it...A student is murdered and this is all he gets...a freaking vigil...he dedicated his life to that school and that area, dispite my constant pleading with him to get a way..and he gets a 6 line right up and a vigil...

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