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HU Campus Police Offer Resources, Advice for Students Staying Safe on Campus

Contributing Writer

Published: Monday, November 19, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 19, 2012 02:11

From the most recent robbery in the East Plaza Towers to the sexual assault in the Bethune Annex, campus crime has been on the rise at Howard University amongst other college campuses including Bowie State University and Virginia Tech, to name a few.
To address the issues of campus safety, the Howard University Student Association partnered with the Howard University Police Department to host an event entitled Real Talk With Chief Leroy K. James on Thursday, Nov. 8, in the School of Business Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.
Chief James, who has earned three degrees in criminal justice and law enforcement alongside serving 27 years as a police commander in Prince George’s County, reassured the student body that although he has only served at Howard University for a little over four years, he has made major steps toward securing the safety of the entire campus. Preventing and reducing crime, building partnerships, developing a highly trained work force, leveraging technology, and developing an emergency management program are amongst his greatest initiatives to better secure Howard University.
Reminding students that he “can’t be everywhere all the time”, he left them with the following general safety tips to utilize when alone:

1. Don’t walk alone during late-night hours
2.  Stay in well-lit areas as much as possible.
3.  Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible.
4. Walk confidently, purposefully at a steady pace and avoid confrontations with strangers.
5. If you are wearing headphones or talking on the cell phone, don’t have the volume up so high that you can not recognize outside noises.
6. If you become involved in a heated argument that could eventually take a violent turn ---walk away.
7. Don’t resist a robber.

If you witness a crime in progress --- dial 911/806-1100 immediately to alert the police.
In addition, all students were urged to take full advantage of all security measures that Howard University has to offer to them including The Escort Service, RAD Program, and the HU Guardian Service.
To wrap up the program, Chief James closed with Q&A where the dominant question concerned “how [one] can feel safe” with all the alarming incidents taking place on and around campus. Chief James reassured the student body that he was doing all he could to improve safety from implementing overnight guards now to improving the escort services. However, students must remember to do their job as well by being sure to always be aware and pay attention.
Chief James can be reached at (202) -806-1100 for further help and assistance.

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