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Farrakhan Challenges Students to Think

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Published: Sunday, April 3, 2011

Updated: Sunday, April 3, 2011 22:04


Photo by Jordan Spry, Photo Editor

When people flock to Howard University' s campus, it is usually during the week for a variety of events or for Chapel on Sundays to see a keynote speaker. However in an unprecedented fashion on a Saturday afternoon, a crowd of over 1,500 filled the seats of Cramton Auditorium with crowds standing to hear the words of an icon.

"After a discussion with HUSA while they were planning their second annual HBCU Conference, I discussed with Mr. Brandon Harris bringing the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to campus," said Jalil Muhammad. A senior history major and coordinator of the Nation of Islam Student Association, Muhammad believes that the voice of the Minister was a necessity. " We thought that his prophetic voice was needed on campus and that students needed to hear his message. The minister' s message is a message of life; brings life to those that are mentally dead."

Muhammad believes that message is one of self-realization. " No matter how much education we have, whether you attend Howard University or Harvard University, many lack knowledge of themselves."

In what he called one of his " sweetest" moments in a long time, Minister Louis Farrakhan took the stage at Cramton Auditorium addressing an eager audience of followers, believers and those in search of an honest perspective that could not be heard by anyone else. Senior biology major Iman Little was blown away by the minister' s message. " This was by far the best event I have been to since I' ve been at Howard University."

A powerful rendition of the black national anthem, " Lift Every Voice and Sing" sang by former Miss Howard University, Kendall Isadore, set the mood for an evening of pride and deep thought. Words of praise, gratitude and prayer preceded the minister' s message. Two prayers, one Christian and one Muslim, for open minds and hearts preceded words of praise and gratitude. HUSA President Brandon Harris called the visit more than an event, but a movement in the making.

" This is the catalyst for a movement and the liberation and conversation that will change the globe," said Harris. " We need words not wars, positivity not politics."

The minister opened by saying that it was the first time he had been on a black college campus in a long time because of the forces that are in charge that put fear in the leaders of HBCUs.

" When I look at the condition of the masses of our people, I wonder what will I leave behind," said Farrakhan. " The future of our people is in your hands, but what kind of future will we have if you don't know what is going on in the world and our past, then your college experience will only be a social experience."

He wanted the audience to take away their own understanding of what his message is and not the one of people that have condemned him.

Minister Farrakhan told the audience that we are all family regardless of our personal religions and that in order to practice what we preach we have to do the right thing by building and strengthening our people.

"God didn't build churches, he built people. And if you're not building people you don't know Jesus Christ."

Speaking from his heart to the hearts of the audience, Minister Farrakhan told the audience to be wary of this world because the world as we know it is coming to an end and that we as the future will be responsible for bringing in the new.

" We have been told if we get a good education, we'll be able to get a good job we can get money. We can get money to the things that make a better life. Yet we perish because we are of this world," said Farrakhan. " The Christians are over there, the Muslims are over there, the Jews are over there and the world is coming down on all of us. 
If you think that you're going to graduate from here or anywhere and find a job when God is closing America down you better think again."

The Minister said to be wary of whom to call your allies and of being deceived by enemies of our future. " A man that will never treat you right, will never teach you right," said the Minister. " When they see you getting smart, they put foolishness on TV to mock you."

He also said that people who attempt to wrongfully teach and integrate people are not religiously right. " If your leaders are trying to integrate you, make you Americanizing, tells you this is the paradise for you then that is not Moses or Jesus Christ."

He also professed a love for President Obama, but that he is under the influence of other forces. " I love my brother Barack Obama but he chose the wrong time to be Pharaoh. He was selected before he was elected. You shouldn't look to him to bring to us to what we need to bring to ourselves. I' m not against him, but I know the forces against him that are now disappointed in him."

Touching on the subject of Libya, he believes that America has ulterior motives for being there.

" Barack had a moral conscious when he went to Washington, but now he's swallowed up by forces. This attack on Libya isn't Barack it's the forces around him. Didn't they really want to save people or get oil?"

Many students were present to hear the Minister' s words, but some were apprehensive about listening because of his reputation. To address that, Minister Farrakhan suggested being critical of everything that one is taught. " If you apply critical thinking to me apply it to everyone around and in front of you because the world is being deceived by an arch deceiver. You are too intelligent to be stupid."

Muhammad said that the minister' s message was one that could be used by anyone. " The truth speaks for itself, the more you become acquainted with his message the more you understand the universality of it," said Muhammad. " The minister' s message is a message of love, a ministry that is a ministry of peace and his labor and work is a labor of dedication to our people."

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