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Election Season Ends, Controversy Begins for HUSA Anew 52 Slate

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Published: Sunday, March 4, 2012

Updated: Sunday, March 4, 2012 23:03

husa anew

HUSA Anew Candidates Brandon Dean & James Alexander

The General Elections Committee released the results of Thursday's vote, which resulted in the election of Hilltop endorsees Marcus Carey and Courtney Scrubbs, as the 2012-2013 undergraduate and graduate trustees respectively. The HUSA election ended in a tie between candidates Brittany Foxhall & Madiagne Sarr and Brandon Dean & James Alexander.

This weekend, however, controversy arose as the "HUSA Anew 52" slate was accused of being in violation of campaign rules.

According to Elections Commissioner Phillip Jones, Brandon Dean and James Alexander, candidates for HUSA president and Vice-President respectively, were accused of sending out an unauthorized email, possibly receiving an endorsement from a student government organization, and loitering within 50 feet of a university building with computers on Election Day.

In light of these allegations, Dean is in jeopardy of being barred from campaigning. Each violation is worth a certain amount of points in the election system. If the campaign garners 67 points they aren't allowed to distribute materials between now and the election.  There are two campaign events that HUSA 52 Anew could miss. 

The slate currently has 55 points with a pending 30. The hearing to determine whether or not they can participate is scheduled for tonight. 

The candidate has since contested the decision. James Alexander, Dean's running mate, said the allegations are "untrue."

"There have been a number of things from people who support Believe," Alexander said.

 The slate will be allowed to participate in tomorrow's final debate, to be held in Blackburn East Ballroom at 7p.m.

Alexander said he looks forward to speaking to more students.

"I wish speak-outs were more engaging instead of us just speaking," Alexander said. "The most important thing is to talk to students on a personal level."

More than 90 students were elected into positions of leadership after yesterday's election; however, the offices of executive vice president of CEACS and HUSA will be voted-on again in a run-off election scheduled for Tuesday, March 6.

Each position is required to hold at least 51 percent of the vote and in CEACS, candidate Caleb Davis received 47.5 percent of the vote and candidate Max Nguemeni received 36.6 percent of the vote. For HUSA, Foxhall/Sarr received 39 percent of the vote and Dean/Alexander received 43 percent.

HUSA Senate positions are also left unfilled due to a technical issue that went unresolved. Due to the novelty of the positions, the creators of the ballot needed make HUSA Senate positions available on the ballot, a task that was not complete in time for the general election. The elections commissioner hopes the position will be made available in time for Tuesday's run-off.

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