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Cuffing Season: A Guide

Staff Wrtier

Published: Thursday, October 11, 2012

Updated: Thursday, October 11, 2012 08:10

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It’s that time of year again – the days are shorter, the nights a little colder, and students are bundled up for the trek up the hill. I’m from the Chicago, so cold is that sh** I do like, but for those not from the Windy City – especially girls – this change of weather brings out more than boots: it’s cuffing season.

So for those of you that want to spend some – ahem – quality time, here are the top places you should go.


10. The great outdoors- This fall I encourage everyone to take a walk through Rock Creek park, you will see a arrange of beautiful trees and wild deer. Mdot is incredibly romantic at night, and Georgetown’s Potomac River delivers an awesome Jersey Shore vibe.

9. The Car- so you may want to drop your sunroof and look at a few stars while playing Frank Ocean? Well, DC doesn’t really have any visible stars- but you get the gist. Just make sure you throw on the seat warmers and watch out for campus police.

8. Campus buildings- the top of Founders Library is on everyone’s HU Bucket List. It’s very open and really cold, so cuddle up and may the odds be in your favor. Cuffing season starts around the same time most students begin midterms. I encourage everyone to stay productive and study together sometimes.

7. The Valley- The valley would be a great place to have conversation in-between classes. Freshman guys give her a moment of your time near Just Hall, and then walk her back to the Quad.

6. Restaurants- Get off campus no matter your budget. There’s Chipotle for thrifty, If you want to get outside of the District check out Chick-fil-A in Arlington, VA. It’s a cheap date, comfortable, and a slight get away. For those with a little more money to blow, check out Bahama Breeze near Tysons, VA.

5. Dorms- My brethren and I can recall the times we invited young ladies to Drew Hall. It was simple but fun. NBA 2K with the guys and quality time a friend. You kill two birds with one stone, besides it’s too cold to be anywhere else. Just don’t forget to order Wings Over Washington.

4. Gym- who said Kanyes workout plan didn’t work? Watch your weight together in the winter. Take advantage of indoor fitness centers this winter. Working out with a partner can be very beneficial; perhaps you will workout slightly harder if she’s watching.

3. The Bookstore- Not the Howard Bookstore, but maybe a Barnes & Noble. Good conversation, a snack, and interesting reads The bookstore would give two people in general a chance to open up. Most things in a bookstore are conversation starters. 

2. The Movies- I just saw Taken 2. It was great. Not to mention I didn’t fall asleep. The movies give you a chance to cuddle together while holding hands.

1. Off-campus housing- a.k.a the estate, the ice layer, or the crib. Either you or someone in your crew must have access to a place with no visitation rules. Present her some small Nike socks at the door and a smile. 

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