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La Havas

Lianne La Havas Draws Lovers and Friends to 9:30

  The warm breeze on the spring Friday evening blew softly, as conversations amongst patient fans in line faded in and out against the sound of cars driving by. All the way from London, Lianne La Havas, folk and soul singer, gathered quite the audience in D. Full story

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Re: Keeping it Real With Nia Moore

Last week, The Hilltop published an article about Nia Moore, a recent Howard graduate who will be

   Students Tweeted that the newspaper of “The Mecca” should not be glorifying Nia and the images that she represents. They have a point. While Nia says she represents the new image of Black women in America and she has the admirable intentions of keeping “little Black boys off the street,” one look at the trailer for the new season displays common stereotypes of Black women being presented as “reality” television. Full story

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FrozenYo Brings Happy & Healthy Addition to Campus

  We may all scream for ice cream, but lately Howard University students are going crazy for frozen yogurt. FroZenYo, the newest establishment to Georgia Avenue, opened it’s doors on March 5, causing many students to brave the last remnants of winter for a frozen treat. Full story

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Fashion for Paws Provides Fun, Furry Couture

  Last Saturday, a tall, dark and glamorous it girl stalked down a lengthy runway in Judiciary Square, resplendent in a pouf of neon pink tulle. Her hard gaze remained sexy and stanch even as the spotlights from the National Building Museum’s roof beamed down on her. Full story

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HU Responds: Rap's New Bully

    TMZ reported that Gucci Mane was arrested for a probation violation just a day after being released from Fulton County Jail. He was placed under house arrest after serving two weeks for an assault on a fan. The victim, an Army vet, was hit over the head with a bottle after asking for a picture with the rapper at an Atlanta nightclub. Full story

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movie theater

Girls on Film

  From music videos to reality TV, young Black girls are being told how to look and how to act. But what effects are these messages having on them? In the past, body image and self-esteem has arguably been thought of as just a issue for Caucasian girls, but new research has shown that African American girls do have issues with self-esteem that manifest themselves differently than their White counterparts. Full story

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Photo by Navmans, Wikimedia Commons

HU Responds: Rap's Rape Culture

  “Put molly all in her champagne/She ain’t even know it/Took her home and I enjoyed that/She ain’t even know it.” Miami rapper Rick Ross is known for his unzipped sweat suits, his questionable résumé and his signature, guttural grunts. But in February, listeners added the role of date rapist to Ross’ list of notables. Full story

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Nia Moore

Keeping it Real With Nia Moore

  Like most rising starlets, Nia Moore is a small town girl who just happened to make it big. Her story began in the southern suburbs of Powder Springs, Ga when the then-high school senior started to become restless. Her opportunity to attend Howard University came in the package of a full athletic scholarship for volleyball, and she didn’t hesitate to accept it. Full story

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DC Fashion Week

Fashion Week 2013: A Recap

For all of the fashion junkies around the world, life has become a little like December 26…a plethora of brand new and exciting things and a touch of holiday hangover. Fashion week 2013 has come and gone internationally, leaving lots of new trends to be incorporated into everyday wear in its wake. Full story

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election fashion

Posh Politics: Election Day

  As election season is winding down for the school year, the candidates are leaving the student body with a lasting impression. Image plays a big part in the election process, which shows just how involved running in student elections can be. “I didn't get any new suits for this election season. Full story

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Walk the Moon Soars to Infinity and Beyond at 9:30 Club

  The random spurt of summery sunshine and warm air had long passed on Thursday evening, but that didn’t stop the long line of Walk the Moon ticketholders from waiting in the blistering wind. That line, which spilled all the way past the entrance and down V Street, contained many eager iPhone-toting college students wearing typical t-shirt and sneaker concert attire – except for the face paint. Full story

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Launch of NBA2K13 Gets Positive Reviews from Gamers

Basketball fans and diehard video-gamers consider NBA 2K13 a good investment. “2K13 is much better than 2K12 due to the graphics and how realistic it is,” said Howard University sophomore Torey Strong. “The introduction of the control stick and the lifelike movements are significant features added in the game this year. Full story

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Not Your Average Gym Visit

 Every Wednesday night the Procter Gymnasium across from the National Cathedral is embodied with volleyball lovers.  The echoes of the ball being passed from player to player can be heard from the sidewalk where plenty of local joggers take their evening strolls. Full story

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Obama Style

The Aesthetics of Politics: Every Little Thing Counts

President Barack Obama’s reelection was grounded in the country’s belief in his campaign messages, his volunteers and his gains during the past four years. But in elections, there’s another factor that involves more than candidate rhetoric. Apparel is a significant dynamic when running for public office in the United States. Full story

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'Flight' Film Review

In the opening scene, Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) manages to squeeze in a few hard stares at his naked, flight attendant companion (Nadine Velazquez), an irate phone call with his ex-wife about money for his son and a line of cocaine all before his 9 AM flight. Full story

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The Woes of Going the Distance with Old Friend

Jasmin Matthews and her close friends gathered outside to host an informal photo shoot after their high school graduation. Soon Matthews leaves from Detroit to head off to Howard, with her friends and family behind.  She knew she would talk to her mom almost every day; that was a given. Full story

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Black Love

The State of Black Love: Understanding It, Finding It and Keeping It

Everyone knows how the old adage goes: behind every strong black man stands a black woman. Black love is a concept that many today are products from. Many aspire to experience it. Many actively search for it and even long for it. Black love births long lines of families and strong, solid foundations. Full story

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Introducing Indie Music to Howard’s Campus

U Street Music Hall started filling up slowly but surely on Sunday evening. The venue was uncharacteristically packed even though it’s a popular spot for live music sets. The line snaked down the block at times, but the people standing in it didn’t seem to mind. Full story

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man and woman

Cuffing Season: A Guide

  It’s that time of year again – the days are shorter, the nights a little colder, and students are bundled up for the trek up the hill. I’m from the Chicago, so cold is that sh** I do like, but for those not from the Windy City – especially girls – this change of weather brings out more than boots: it’s cuffing season. Full story

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Jump on Your Job Search

October is National Work and Family Month

The door to the Office of Student Employment remains locked with a note taped firmly to the glass panel. Students who turn to the university’s Office of Financial Aid looking for assistance will find that all work-study funds have been allocated and that student employment funds are both limited and reserved. Full story

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Unrest in the Middle East

The lives of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens were taken as angry protestors set fire to and fought police at the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya late Tuesday, Sept. 11.   The deadly attack on the diplomatic mission came as a result of the outrage at an anti-Muslim video “Innocence of Muslims,” which was made by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, and both crudely and offensively portrays Islam’s Prophet Mohammed. Full story

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D.C. Fashion Week Hosts First South Asian Design Showcase

DC Fashion Week’s weekend kicked off with the first ever South Asian design showcase. Special guest designers from India showed off their chic, traditional and contemporary designs for the first time Friday night. The show, held on a rooftop in Chevy Chase, Maryland was open to the public for everyone to witness a piece of India inspired fashion first hand. Full story

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The Art Behind Go-Go Music

Pulsating. Steady. Exciting. Consistent. These are a few words that some use to describe what is known as Washington D.C.’s heartbeat. Go-Go music has brought life to the “Chocolate City”, or our nation’s capital, since the early 1970s. Dubbed the “Godfather of Go-Go”, guitarist Chuck Brown, orchestrated this form of music by fusing together sounds from churches, the blues and flavor he attained from playing in a local Latino band. Full story


Designers Go Green at D.C. Fashion Week

Environmentally friendly pieces were debuted in the continued hit at DCFW, "Eco Fashion" on Monday.   Full story

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The Struggle: Deciding to Live Off Campus

  A feeling of anxiety overcomes Howard University students around the time housing registration begins. For some students, housing registration is just another day of the week, but for others there is an unsettling feeling of insecurity that hangs over their heads. Full story

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Preserving Your Checks, Stacks and Racks

In Light of National College Savings Month, Here are Some Easy Ways to Save

Apple iPad: $399. New outfit from various Georgetown boutiques: $150. Fresh haircut from Joseph’s Barber Shop: $15. Knowing how to budget refund check money: priceless. Full story

fashions night out

Fashion’s Night Out Brings Bison, Stylish DMV Residents out to Geogetown

Sky-high heels, sweeping skirts, exquisitely tailored blazers and perky bow ties – sounds like a regular day on the Yard, right? Howard and the rest of the DMV’s most stylish ladies and gents invaded Georgetown on Thursday, September 6 for the third annual Fashion’s Night Out fête. Full story


L&S Current Event Cheat Sheet

All your Life and Style news in one place. Full story

120 Words on Fashion's Night Out Georgetown

For fly folks near and far, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Fashion’s Night Out is here! The unofficial predecessor to international fashion weeks across the world, the Vogue and CFDA-created event has expanded exponentially since its birth in 2009. Full story

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Caught in Style

Stylish students spotted on campus. Full story

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dorm room design

Making the Most of Your Space

An interior designer shares tips on how to maximize the tight living spaces of college.  Full story

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Trench Coats

Creating the Award-Winning Howard Style

It’s no secret that Howard breeds some of the most stylish people in the country. We’ve topped collegiate best-dressed lists for years. Our students not only wear the latest trends … they create them. Those are some pretty fly shoes to fill! So what’s in any given Bison’s closet, besides Space Bags and shoe racks? Full story

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Nocturnal Agony

Howard Alum Hosts Private Screening of ‘Nocturnal Agony’

Howard alumbus, Shuaib Mitchell, directed 'Nocturnal Agony', a film about religion, family and redemption. Full story


Big K.R.I.T. Talks Faith and Musical Influences

The Hilltop sits down with Big K.R.I.T., the Mississippi rapper who's buzz is growing bigger and bigger with each mixtape he drops.  Full story


Morehouse Students Continue to Build Their Growing Streetwear Brand, Kreemo

Check out Kreemo, a growing streetwear brand out of Morehouse College.  Full story

Anti-street Harassment

‘Hey, Gorgeous?’ International Anti-Street Harassment Week Addresses Sidewalk Catcalls

Men and women stand together to protest street-harassment, including catcalling, horn-honking, and police stop-and-frisks.   Full story

What Can You Catch from Sex?

Breaking down the sex-related infections/diseases that you may not fully understand. High school sex ed doesn’t cover it all... Full story

silent house

'Silent House' Cranks Out Scares in Real Time

Elizabeth Olsen stars in "Silent House", a creepy horror film - based on true events - about a girl who struggles to find her way out of her family's lake house. Problem is, something inside won't let her, or her family leave.  Full story

21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube Talk '21 Jump Street'

The Hilltop caught up with Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and Jonah Hill, stars of the upcoming film "21 Jump Street" to discuss life and their careers thus far. Full story


'Project X': The Best Party You’ll Never Go To

The Hilltop reviews "Project X", the new high school house party flick from the people that gave us "The Hangover"  Full story


Light Supremacy: Colorism and the Black Man

The issue of colorism has been plaguing the black community for centuries, but we usually only discuss how it impacts women.  Full story


Modern Day Black History Makers

Black History didn't end with the Civil Rights Movement. Check out this list of people making black history, today! Full story

Celebrating Black History: Black History Cheat Sheet

From inventors to musicians to politicians - black history is full of faces and names that changed our lives forever. Some we know, others we don't - check out our Black History Month Cheat Sheet to learn more.  Full story

Whitney 2009

In Loving Memory of Whitney Houston

The Hilltop compiled a timeline of some of highlights of the legendary vocalist's life. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.  Full story

The Vow

Rachel McAdams Shines in 'The Vow'

"The Vow" is a new romantic movie starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. Get some tissue ready.  Full story

Dating Website Asks Users 'What's Your Price?'

Dating site allows users to pay for first dates. Site calls it a new spin on dating. Critics call it prostitution. Full story


'Chronicle': A Story of Bromance Born Through Craziness

The new sci-fi film, "Chronicle" hits theaters today. Full story


Eco-Friendly Bags Help Make Cyclists’ Lives Easier

Vaya Bags are eco-friendly bags made especially for bike riders. Full story

Child Care

Unable to Afford Childcare, Student-Parents Make Tough Decisions

Student-parents struggle to find adequate and affordable child care.   Full story

man coat

Cute Coat Styles for the Season

The weather has had ups and downs this winter, going between warm days and frigid nights. When the temperatures have dropped to bone chilling there's nothing like a cozy winter coat to block the chill.  Full story

dear nikki

Howard Alum Releases Memoir

Prior to the release of her memoir, Dear Nikki, Shannon Ousley was a student at her third college, Howard University. Full story

Steve Jobs

New Release of Steve Jobs Comic Book:

Jess3 enters a new tradition of ‘Business Folklore’

Many wonder how would technology be without Steve Jobs? Individuals around the world remain fascinated by him and his many creations even after his death on Oct. 5, 2011. They want to learn about his life, his secrets and his style of thinking. This fascination with Jobs has inspired one company to create a comic book about his life. Full story


Zipcar , Ford Offer ‘Students With Drive’ A Deal on Membership, Usage

ZipCar and Ford Motors have introduced a program that offers services to students with "drive," who participate in organizations on campuses across the country. Full story

J Edgar

Leonardo DiCaprio Shines as 'J. Edgar'

Leonardo DiCaprio becomes engulfed as he plays the role J. Edgar Hoover, in the Clint Eastwood-directed biopic, 'J. Edgar,' which hits theaters today.  Full story

Power and Beauty

T.I. Branches Out with His Brand New Fiction Novel, ‘Power & Beauty’

T.i.'s new book, Power & Beauty: A Love Story of Life on the Streets, might look your typical urban fiction novel, but it's not.  Full story

Rock the Casbah

Book Argues That Pop Culture Sparked Recent Rebellions in the Muslim World

Award-winning journalist Robin Wright analyzes pop culture's impact on the rebellions in the Muslim World.  Full story

Martha Marcy May Marlene Poster

Olsen Sister Breaks Away from Baby Roles in 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'

The Hilltop reviews Martha Marcy May Marlene, a haunting indie flick starring Elizabeth Olsen. Full story

Tower Heist Poster

Campus U Rep Promotes New Film, 'Tower Heist' During Homecoming

'Tower Heist,' a new action comedy from Universal Pictures, was promoted heavily during Homecoming. The film will hit theaters Nov. 4. Full story


Cantaloupes Carry Deadly Disease, Most Serious Outbreak in 20 Years

The Center for Disease Control is reporting that the deadly outbreak of listeria in cantaloupes has killed 23 people so far, read how Sodexho, the company that provides food for Howard, is keeping students safe. Full story

Bob Johnson Has Plans to Boost Black Employment

Robert Johnson, the first African American billionaire and founder and former owner of BET, introduces a plan that he says will dramatically affect the huge black unemployment rate –– which is at its highest since 1984, with 16.7 percent, according to the Labor Department. Full story

prikpil aids

Popular Contraceptive May Spread HIV, Controversial Method for HIV Prevention Found

In the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, doctors have tried to use contraception and education to help fight the spread of the disease. However, one of the most popular forms of contraception, injectable contraceptive, maybe causing women in eastern and southern Africa to be twice as likely to contract HIV and spread it to partners, according to a study published in The Lancet, Oct. 4th. Full story

black power mixtape

'The Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975' Review

Power to the people. Black is beautiful. Stories behind the high held fists have been told by parents, African-American studies classes and texts have been documented in the film "The Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975." Full story

howard alum in fiction do right man

Howard Alum in Fiction

October is National Book Month—a time to celebrate and honor astounding literary works.  Howard University is known for producing innovative and original authors, but it has also had its influence on the characterization of many protagonists in books. Full story

menswear 4

DC Fashion Week Comes to an End

  After months of preparation, two casting calls and countless couture creations, Spring/Summer 2012 D.C. Fashion Week came to a close on Sunday night at the Embassy of France. Full story


D.C. Fashion Week’s Executive Director Gives a Sneak Peek of His New Line

D.C. Fashion Week's executive director Ean Williams provided a sneak peek of pieces from his line, Corjor International, on Friday night. It was a fashionable family reunion of sorts– the lack of space, cups of wine and conversation added to the intimate atmosphere and invited the spectators to stand in the face of fierce fashion. Full story

lion king 3d

Students Relive Childhood through The Lion King 3D

According to the Associated Press, The Lion King 3D secured a spot as number one on the weekend charts, bringing in $30.2 billion dollars. This number extended beyond the weekend estimate of $29.3 million. Full story

chelsea kilborn

Tumblr Makes Users E-Celebrities

From Facebook to Twitter to celebrity gossip sites, students spend a considerable amount of time glued to the computer screen. Many web-surfers, have taken a step further by becoming amateur bloggers. Full story


Social Drinking as a Gateway to Alcoholism

A number of other universities qualify themselves as "dry campuses," however the drinking start age has changed from 17, in 1965, to 14 and a half in the present, and binge drinking – often defined as men downing at least five drinks or women consuming four within two hours – has become a popular trend at some universities. Full story


Fashion Find(s) of the Week

Great finds from Urban Outfitters. Full story

hair natural

Students Combat the Effects of District Water on Skin and Hair

Since August 2010, it has been reported that chlorine levels in Washington, D.C. area remain below the Environmental Protection Agency's limit of 4.0 mg/L. However, students have still noticed a negative effect on their hair and skin.  Full story

Zombie Caterpillars?

  A study from the Sept. 9 edition of Science shows that a new gene in caterpillars makes them perfect candidates for a zombiefication virus. Full story

slavery the game

'Slavery: The Game' Gets Heated Responses

  Last week a trailer for the controversial video game, "Slavery: The Game" hit the web. The game allows players to select a continent, buy slaves, and then, work to become the top slave trader around. Full story


Zoe Saldana Stars in 'Colombiana'

Movie Review

A review of the new Sony Pictures film, Colombiana which stars Zoe Saldana.  Full story

black media

Blacks Consume More Media than Whites, Study Shows

A recent Northwestern University study showed that African Americans between eight and eighteen consume more than five hours of television every day, compared to three hours by their Caucasian counterparts.  Full story

There's An App for That!

Cloudy App Launches to Help Students With Making Decisions

The job of decision-making has now been outsourced to technology, as now there is an App for that. The Cloudy App is an application that is targeted toward college students to help them with decision-making . Full story

Photo by Svastiko

Spring Shoe Trends for Men and Women

So what are the hottest shoe trends for men and women this spring? New York-based freelance stylist, Christopher Hanes, suggests looking to the runways and finding shoes that emulate designer shoes at cheaper prices, with brands such as Jeffery Campbell, Steve Madden, Zara and Ben Sherman for both men and women. Full story

Proposed Budget to Affect Student Pell Grants

The GOP's proposed budget for 2012 calls for a decrease in the maximum amount of Pell Grant aid allotted per student. The funds would decrease by $845, bringing the amount from $5,550 to $4,705 per year. Full story

Photo by Abubadali

Tips for Healthy Skin

There's no better time to show a little skin than in the spring. The weather's getting warmer, school is almost out and your favorite store just brought in their new collection. But no one wants to see ashy, uneven or blemished skin. Full story

Photo by

The Hilltop Movie Review: Jumping the Broom

"Jumping the Broom" is set to hit theaters on May 6. Full story

Photo by Donovan Brown

Artist Donny Bravo Speaks on Music Industry and New Mixtape

Senior marketing major, Donovan Brown, has been invested in making music since he was 11 years old. Now going by the stage name Donny Bravo, Brown opens up to The Hilltop about ideal collaborations and the release of his new mixtape. Full story


Victim’s Mother Turns Mourn into Movement

After the tragic loss of Davon Green-Franklin in 2010, Inez Franklin is taking action to pass the International Travelers Bill of Rights. Full story

Photo Courtesy of Bentley Evans

Producer Bentley Evans Speaks on Working in Entertainment

The Jamie Foxx Show, Bentley Kyle Evans has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. With the creation of his new TVOne sitcom "Love That Girl," the Los Angeles native sat down with The Hilltop to discuss his humble beginnings in the industry. Full story

Preserving Your Checks, Stacks and Racks

In Light of National College Savings Month, Here are Some Easy Ways to Save

  Apple iPad: $399. New outfit from various Georgetown boutiques: $150. Fresh haircut from Joseph’s Barber Shop: $15. Knowing how to budget refund check money: priceless. Full story

Jasmin Carnelus, Staff Writer

Artist Young Chris Re-Introduces Himself With New Mixtape

Philadelphia native Christopher Ries, also known as Young Chris, first emerged on the music scene in 2001 as one half of the rap duo Young Gunz. Years later, Young Chris is back with a new mixtape entitled The Re-Introduction, as well as talk about a new album. Full story

Photo by Kyro

There's an App for That!

National Cherry Blossom Festival Launches Free App for iPhone and Android

The National Cherry Blossom Festival has arrived with a new free app, available to both the iPhone and Android. The app can be used for advanced planning and real-time use. Full story

Photo Courtesy of Nickolas Sneed

Rising Producer Speaks on Hearing Loss

Rising music producer Nickolas Sneed, a senior physics major, shares his story behind his passion for music, overcoming his hearing loss and plans for the future. Full story

The Struggle: Deciding to Live Off Campus

A feeling of anxiety overcomes Howard University students around the time housing registration begins. For some students, housing registration is just another day of the week, but for others there is an unsettling feeling of insecurity that hangs over their heads. Full story

Photo by Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All

Rap Group 'Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All' Stirs Emotions with Lyrics

The Los Angeles-based collective "Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All" offers tunes that range in topic from the avid supporting of marijuana in the song  "Rolling Papers" by Domo Genesisto to the spread of assault, battery and drug use as revolutionary in their song "Sandwitches," performed by Tyler and Hodgy Beats. Full story

Photo by Rehes

The Hilltop's Current Events Cheat Sheet

March 7, 2011

Stay up to date with The Hilltop's Current Events Cheat Sheet. Full story

Racism Persists in Public Schools

Since the ruling of Brown vs. Board of Education the historic Supreme Court decision deeming segregated public schools in the U.S. unconstitutional it appears as though segregation and racial discrimination continue to remain prevailing issues in many public schools of today. Full story

Photo by Daniele Tamagni

Italian Photojournalist Discovers Le Sape: A Religion of Style

The Society for the Advancement of People of Elegance, also known as "Le Sape," is an African epidemic with a dash of style. Originating in the Republic of Congo more than 40 years ago, Le Sape is known among its followers, who are known as sapeurs, as the religion of fashion, style, and elegance. Full story

Top Story

clothes rack

Cleaning Out and Investing in Your Closet

  April showers bring May flowers…and new spring wardrobes, too. Magazines, fashion designers, stylists and self-proclaimed fashion gurus usually suggest revised wardrobes – brand new jeans, shoes and tops – with each new season. In Elle’s “Spring 2013 Trend Guide,” they tell readers that “a fresh new season truly requires anew wardrobe” and in their “10 Must-Have Pieces to Add to Your Spring Wardrobe,” Glamour suggests that “this spring, you’ll need a new dress…a pair of sandals…a bag… and so on. Full story

Top Story


Resolving the Roommate Issue: Beating it Before it Happens

  Honestly, there’s no surefire way of choosing the perfect roommate. No compatibility test can prepare you for the unexpected. Some psychologists recommend keeping in mind that while you may be trying to figure your roommate out, your roommate is doing the same for you. Full story


Love Troubles? There are Apps for That

Stop sending embarrassing texts when your inhibitions are gone, and keep in touch with your long distance boo with these apps.   Full story

Women Find Female Condoms Aren't So Scary After All

Sexual health experts suggest that sexually active adults give female condoms a try. And here's why... Full story


New Site Tosses Out Traditional Internship Applications, Adds Video Resumes

Intern Sushi helps students connect with companies through a multimedia-driven social network. Full story


Don't Sleep: New Releases - Feb. 26 - March 5

Check out these new releases in film, music and books!  Full story

Top Story

Where to look for a seasonal position:

  Looking for extra cash for the holiday season? You’re in luck, according to a broad-based Hay Group survey, 36 percent of retailers expect to hire more seasonal workers in 2012 than in 2011. Macy’s will hire over 80,000 employees nationally. There are locations in Metro Center, Hyattsville and  Pentagon City. Full story

Winfred Rembert

Celebrated Artist, Winfred Rembert, Has Life Chronicled in New Documentary

"All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert" tells the story of the artist's experiences growing up in southwest Georgia.  Full story

Forget Valentine's Day: The Sour Apple Bitter Bish Playlist

Lonely and angry on Valentine's Day? We've got what you need to get through it. Just be strong.  Full story

Synthia Saint James

Award-winning Artist Synthia Saint James' New Book Helps Artists Market Work

Synthia Saint James' new book "Living My Dream: An Artistic Approach to Marketing" is part self-help, part autobiography, and all wisdom.  Full story

Holding Hands

Cheap Dates for the Romantic Procrastinator

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and while it can be exciting, it can be expensive. Go easy on your bank account and make that special person happy by going on one of these inexpensive dates.  Full story


Starbucks to Sell Alcohol at Select Stores

Coffeehouse chain plans to start selling alcohol at select stores in order boost sales.  Full story


Beauty Corner: Get Healthy, Luscious Lips for Valentine's Day

Cold weather can cause dry, cracking lips. Check out these tips to keep your lips looking luscious.  Full story


MTV’s New App ‘My College Dollars’ Aims to Help College Students Manage Debt

MTV has partnered with Facebook to help college students manage their debt.  Full story

tv one merkerson

‘Find Our Missing’ Highlights Missing Persons Cases Involving African Americans

TV One's new show "Find Our Missing" helps bring attention to the missing persons cases involving African-Americans. Full story

healthy food heart

Health Kick: 10 Healthy Eating Tips That Will Fatten Up Your Wallet and Trim Your Waistline

Eating healthy doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. Check out these wallet-friendly tips to help you watch what you eat. Full story

bald man

Hair Care for Men: Neglect Leads to Baldness

Proper hair care is important for everyone. Even men.   Full story

Jay-Z simply Complicated

Student Designers Choose to Take Unconventional Routes to Fashion

Not all student fashion designers rush to New York to practice their craft. Some students take an untraditional approach.   Full story

Handling Stress: What are Students Doing Wrong?

Students tend to make mistakes while dealing with stress. What are they and how can they be avoided? Full story

sopa wikipedia

No or Yes to PIPA and SOPA?

Yesterday, millions of people tried going on Wikipedia, one of the most popular online encyclopedias, but they couldn't because this site is participating in "Internet Blackout," a protest against two controversial antipiracy bills: The Stop Online Piracy Act , or SOPA  and the Protect IP Act , or PIPA. Full story

MetroPCS Plans to Release TV-Tuner Equipped Samsung Smartphone

Smartphones come equipped with everything from the Internet to new features we never thought we could have all in one phone and now we're getting more. Full story

Pi Nappa Kappa

Natural Hair Sorority Accepting Members

Pi Nappa Kappa, the natural hair sorority, is on a mission to get 10,000 members.  Full story


Review: “Pariah” Tells the Not-So-Usual Coming-of-Age Story

Film tells the story of a 17-year-old girl from Brooklyn and her struggles with her sexual identity.  Full story

New Site Helps Users Choose The Best Form of Birth Control

National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy launched a new interactive site to help 20-somethings navigate through the often confusing world of contraceptives. Full story

Easy Bib

Using Websites to Make Your End-of-Semester Crunch Easier

Short on time and bogged down with work, students turn to online resources to help make their work easier.  Full story

Study Shows 1 in 4 Young Couples Experience Some Form of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence proves to be more common among young couples than many would expect. Full story

The Rum Diary Poster

Johnny Depp Pours Himself Into His New Film, “The Rum Diary”

Johnny Depp plays journalist, Paul Kemp, in 'The Rum Diary.' In theaters today.  Full story

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation: The Silent GPA-Killer

Some students sacrifice sleep for a few extra hours of study time. It may keep their GPAs afloat for awhile, but at what point do "all-nighters" begin to take their toll?  Full story

BC Pills

Professionals Propose Natural, Safe Alternatives to ‘the Pill’

'The pill' isn't the only form of birth control. Students explore natural alternatives to oral contraception.  Full story


Fans Pumped About New ‘Call of Duty’

'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' hit stores earlier this week, and fans are more than excited about the new game.  Full story


iPhone Photography Isn't Just for Amateurs

Professionals and amateurs alike have become obsessed with snapping pictures using their mobile phones.  Full story

Ways to take the ‘A-choo’ out of the Flu

Flu season is upon us. Exactly how important is it for college students to get a flu shot? Full story


Students Deal with the Highs and Lows of Stimulant Drug Use

Some students have experimented with drugs - prescription and illegal - to study hard or party harder.  Full story

Police Brutality

Police Brutality on the Rise, Advocates Say

Some argue that more aggressive police mean safer streets, but at what point does aggression turn into brutality? Full story

Lung Cancer Deemed Especially Deadly for African Americans

African Americans have the highest mortality rate when diagnosed with lung cancer, a preventable disease. Full story

Ghost Costumes

Don't Have a Costume? Here's Some Help!

This list of affordable, last-minute costume ideas can help any procrastinator enjoy Halloween.   Full story

The Scary Movie Season Cheat Sheet

Dying to catch a horror flick around Halloween, but you have no idea what's in theaters? Check out our Scary Movie Season Cheat Sheet. Full story

Young Scolla Album Cover

Album Review

Detroit-Native & Rapper, Young Scolla, Raps about Love, Hopes and Dreams on 'Seconds Away'

Young Scolla releases his latest project, an album entitled 'Seconds Away' that exhibits skill and versatility. Full story

Natural Hair Specialists Share Methods for Keeping Natural Locks Moisturized and Lively

Natural hair care specialists give tips for keeping natural locks moisturized and healthy. Full story

isaiah washington

The Hilltop Celebrates National Book Month: Books by Former Bison

National Book Month is still in motion, and a celebration of our talented Howard alumni is in order. With the amount of innovative works of literature produced by sons and daughters of The Mecca, there is no reason not to give credit where credit is due. Full story

pom pom ring

Fashion Find!

Pom-Pom Ring from Nyali Trading Company

Accessories add zest to an outfit and it only takes a small accessory to make the outfit pop. Full story

bank of am

Bank of America Explains New Debit Fees

After many customer complaints about the fee, Bank of America further explained the reason for the new charges. Full story

Kenny W

Don't Sleep: New Releases

What's New in Film, Books, TV, & Music? Full story

bank of america atm

New Bank of America Fees Causes Outrage Among Customers

Lines wrapped around the corner revealed the bright red Bank of America ATMs, in an ocean of students. Bank of America, the only on-campus banking system, announced on Thursday that card holders will see a monthly fee of $5 for debit card transactions.   Full story


Street Artists Use An Unfamiliar Medium to Express Themselves

Wheatpaste ‘crews' have formed and they definitely don't scare easy where the law is concerned. There is a $1,000 fine for tagging, if caught. Still, these artists are demanding respect and attention from everyone in D.C., whether people understand and appreciate their art or not.  Full story

Record Sales Improve with Fan Support

Dismal record sales have been plaguing the recording industry for years. However, according to a recent article in Billboard, track equivalent albums (TEAs) are up an impressing 4.8 percent, compared to this time last year when TEAs were down 0.7 percent.  Full story

j cole sideline story

The Hilltop Album Review:

J.Cole's Cole World: A Sideline Story

The simple, yet foreshadowing tone of the piano on the opening track, as Cole dedicates his debut album to all those who stuck with him over the years, sets the standard for this tribute to triumph, that is Cole World: A Sideline Story. Full story


The Turban Trend

Turbans seem to be popping up all over the place. Women have welcomed the fall trend, using turbans to camouflage a bad hair day, or wage war against the humidity and rain's attempts to ruin their hair. Full story

Show Me Your Bra!

As ladies you should feel beautiful and confident in anything that you put on, so start your outfit off right by wearing the perfect bra for you. Full story


Eat Right:

At Home, In the Cafe, On a Budget

The Hilltop interviewed Dr. Katherine Manuel, a Clinical Instructor in Howard's Department of Nutritional Sciences to find out a few tips for healthy eating.  Full story

quality knitwear

Fashion Find of the Week:

Quality Knitwear

  This fashion exotic trend is one that Quality Knitwear Vintage Boutique has been hand-picking one-offs (n. one-of-a-kind pieces) for in order to offer retro knitwear for fashionistas worldwide. Full story

menswear 1

DC Fashion Week:

Menswear Collections

What event can bring an NFL player, Miss D.C. and more than a dozen media outlets together under one roof? The answer is the D.C. Fashion Week's Menswear Collection show, which was held on Saturday at The Washington Post conference center. Full story


New iPhone App Allows Users to Compare Music Libraries With Their Friends

A person's taste in music is said to express his or her personality. Finding out how musically compatible a date is or if friends really listen to the songs they claim to love could be useful information. Full story

Mary J Blige

Don't Sleep: New Releases

What's New in Books, Music, TV, & Film! Full story

A Direction of Destruction:

Crime Arises among Youth

  Dr. Richard Wright, a 36-year professor in the School of Communications, identifies a severe problem with our youth and in our society. "Young people generally have been robbed of self-restraint, self-discipline, and a responsibility to others. The culture in which they live enhances an attitude of selfishness and narcissism that has developed from community and social life." Full story

piggy bank

Big Banks Provide Student-Friendly Account Options, Make Savings Easy

Sprinkled like houses on a Monopoly board, Bank of America ATM's are located in more than four easily accessible buildings throughout Howard's campus. However, different bank companies and mobile banking apps are allowing students to consider different options. Which bank offers the best choices? Full story

Winfred Rembert

Celebrated Artist, Winfred Rembert, Has Life Chronicled in New Documentary

"All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert" tells the story of the artist's experiences growing up in southwest Georgia.  Full story

OMG! My First Real Job

Real Advice for the First Job

Imagine working a dream job after college, being invited to dinner by executives and not knowing which fork to use, as the rest of the table effortlessly eats with proper etiquette.  Full story

The Style Files

And I’m Doing Pretty Good in My Pink Polo: Young Black Men Redefine Streetwear

All across the nation, young black men are redefining streetwear. Hip-hop artists like Kanye West, Andre 3000 and Wiz Khalifa have all been noted for their ways of dressing, and for adding a new outlook on what's ‘in' for the Black mainstream culture.  Full story

modi dc to bc

The DMV Blog Series: From DC to BC

Modele "Modi" Oyewole is a DMV native with ambitions and goals that stretch beyond the Potomac, though his imagination runs just as wild as the river. Full story

Health Roundup

Food Allergy & Mortality Rates Among African-Americans

Higher percent of food allergies in Black Children A national study done by Dr. Rajesh Kumar, associate professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University, and a team of researchers found that black people are twice as likely to have allergic reactions to peanuts than whites. Full story

Survey Explores how Artists Make a Profit off of Music

  The Future of Music Coalition recently launched Phase Two of its Artist Revenue Streams project. The project is a survey for musicians and composers that assess how they currently generate income from their music, performances and brand and whether this has changed over the past 10 years. Full story

banana bag

Fashion Find of the Week

"Slice of Life" Shoulder bag

"Slice of Life" shoulder bag by, $26.99 This vibrant, yellow, banana-shaped bag is a great way to brighten up any woman's wardrobe! The faux-leather, wedge-shaped bag, designed by Cheap Monday, features zip pockets and a side pouch and is on sale at Modcloth. Full story

This Semester's Must Reads

  The year is just starting so schedules are less crammed, leaving time to pick up a good book to read on the yard in between classes. Full story

Study Proves Black Marriage Crisis Is Exaggerated

When analyzing the idea of marriage, many myths have been invoked as to why it is difficult for black women to find mates; the men are incarcerated, dead, homosexual, or not interested. Howard & Morehouse professors analyze this issue often discussed in our community. Full story

stir fry

Do it Yourself Dinner

Simple Stir-Fry

Follow this easy recipe & you'll be the best cook in your dorm in no time! Full story

The Struggle

Finding and Keeping a Part-Time Job as a Student

During freshman year, those phone calls back home yielded results, but eventually you either begin to feel guilty or your parents start to feel you're too grown for an allowance.  Full story

VMAs Offers Surprises and Underwhelming Performances

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards aired last night, and the award distribution was almost completely overshadowed by Beyonce's baby news and an awkward appearance by Lady Gaga's alter ego "Joe Calderone." The show started with Lady Gaga performing a monologue dressed in drag as Joe, the "man" who claims to be her lover. Full story

How to Fit Fitness into Your Schedule

With Burr Gymnasium on campus, students do not have to travel far to work out. Equipped with basketball courts, a pool and two workout rooms, there is something for everyone's needs. Full story