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How Much Do Students Spend On Homecoming?

Published: Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Updated: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 01:10

Students are in debt due to rising tuition and housing costs, the unstable economy and high gas prices. But somehow, students still find a way to purchase Homecoming tickets -- some at $30 for just one ticket with their student discounts. 
Some of the most popular events include the step show, the fashion show and the comedy show -- these three tickets alone will cost a total of $70.  Then, following each event, there is usually an after party. Students can pay $60 and up just to get into one party during Homecoming week. 
"I wish the prices of the different Homecoming events were not so high," said Shana Griffith, a senior audio production major. "It is already hard financially for college students, and then to add on the price of Homecoming is a lot."   
But regardless of the cost, students still find the money.  Whether they spend money saved from the summer or use  refund checks, students will find a way to subsidize their Homecoming expenses.
"I work hard over the summer and save my money so that during the school year I can attend the events that I want to without financial worry," said Shanika Gordon, a junior  computer science major. "It is easy to spend." 
Junior actuary science major Noelle Williams said, "It is easy to spend $300 at least at the various Homecoming events between clothes, events, clubs, parking and food. You will certainly pay to have a good time."
Students suggest warning any visitors coming to visit, although Homecoming is one of Howard's greatest experiences, there is certainly a fine price to pay.
For freshmen who will be enjoying their first Howard Homecoming, Griffith said, "Pick a few of your favorites and attend those and the next year attend the ones you did not choose. Also, you do not have to go to every club every night.  Go on the weekends because you still have class the next day and academic achievement should come before Homecoming festivities." 
Whether students have enjoyed Homecoming in past years, decided that it is overrated, or have become Homecoming fanatics, it can be a major cost for those who attend the various events. From $300 to $1,000 spent in a matter of one week, it can be expensive for the average college student with other financial responsibilities as well.

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