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Hilltop Endorsements 2012

Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 14:02


Photo Courtesy of Brittney Foxhall, Madiagne Sarr

Brittney Foxhall and Madiagne Sarr are The Hilltop's choice for HUSA President/Vice-President

Marcus Carey

Photo Courtesy of Marcus Carey

Marcus Carey is The Hilltop's choice for Undergraduate Trustee.

Courtney Scrubbs

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Scrubbs

Courtney Scrubbs is The Hilltop's choice for Graduate Trustee


Brittney Foxhall and Madiagne Sarr, Endorsed 

Believe slate candidates Brittney Foxhall and Madiagne Sarr impressed The Hilltop staff with their student leadership experience and apparent preparation for the position. Their concrete plans for stimulating the academic environment of the University as well as for developing programs to bridge the gap between the Howard community and the greater D. C. area address issues that have long been debated on campus. They also have solid ideas for tackling other often overlooked problems such as the needs of underrepresented students on campus and University environmental sustainability issues. Their focus on utilizing partnerships with administrators to deliver results to students is a necessary skill for navigating the many changes which Howard has undergone and will continue to experience in the coming years. We also feel that a possible collaboration between Foxhall and Sarr and the We R Howard slate may be beneficial in efforts to reach and address the needs of those students who, although may not technically qualify as unrepresented on campus, may at times be or feel unheard. However, having already begun to work on the implementation of many of their ideas, we feel that overall the Foxhall and Sarr were the candidates who would be the most capable of getting the job done.


We R Howard: Candidates Cameron Clarkson and Rachel Sanni are the people's candidates and are a necessary voice and shift in Howard politics and culture, but The Hilltop staff worried about their ability to deliver results in office.


HUSA Anew 52: The Hilltop staff appreciated the leadership and policy experience of James Alexander as well as the passion of Brandon Dean, but we questioned their cohesiveness as a team.        


Undergraduate Trustee:

Marcus Carey, Endorsed

Marcus Carey impressed The Hilltop with his knowledge of the inner workings of the university and his keen business sense. His platform, Do Something, presents us with the most understanding of the role of the undergraduate trustee and he seems to have solid plans for the implementation of his goals. Carey looks beyond just the pressing issues of today and considers issues that will come forth in the future by addressing fundraising for the 150th anniversary of the university and his push to decrease the dependency on federal appropriations. He also has plans to increase alumni contributions by relaunching the Text-to-Donate campaign that was first implemented by Undergraduate and Graduate Trustees Corey Briscoe and Marcus Ware, respectively. Carey's plans are detailed and well researched, although we question his ability to truly represent the needs of the students of our university. He also has somewhat lofty ideas on increasing turnover rates of university staff with "low service and low morale," an issue we feel could be approached in a different way. If Carey could somehow work directly with candidate Adedomola Sokoya the undergraduate community would be well represented in the boardroom.


Candidate Adedamola Sokoya's platform was strong in its student focus. His platform attacks issues like graduation rates, scholarships, and the publication of student research on the undergraduate and graduate levels, which is very relevant to the student population. However, we feel Sokoya's ideas would be more befitting to a role in HUSA, a quality that we can't discredit, but also can't overlook. 


Candidate Lesley Pace's ideas were well thought out and we commend her for running at such an early stage in her Howard University career. However, we feel that she needs more experience before she can be seriously considered for such an important role in student leadership.



Graduate Trustee:

Courtney Scrubbs, Endorsed 

Courtney Scrubbs has the experience and drive needed to be an effective graduate trustee. A second year law student at the Howard University School of Law and fourth year medical student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, she has significant experience and characteristics that will ensure her survival in the boardroom due to her position on the Board of Trustees and as Student Government President at her medical school. We like Scrubbs' idea to look at how other universities are solving the problems Howard is currently facing and figuring out what needs to be done. Scrubbs has a detailed plan to improve Howard University, including ways to prioritize student quality of life. The Hilltop was initially concerned with Scrubbs' ability to succeed in this position because of her educational endeavors as both a medical and law student. However, her detailed account of her plans for the university and her thorough interview have assured us that she is the best candidate for the position. We are confident that she will represent the graduate student body well and bring the plans of her platform into fruition.


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