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Cheating Through the Mecca

Published: Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Updated: Saturday, August 9, 2008 23:08

For our parents, it was the generic torn notebook paper cheat sheets. For us, it's Blackberries, graphing calculators, websites that sell term papers, Sidekicks, Cliff Notes, the many ways to cheat online and many other things we at The Hilltop aren't cool enough to even know about. But regardless of how you do it or how easy it is, cheating will forever be wrong.

To plagiarize term papers or cheat on tests really shows your character, or lack of, and discredits the degree we all plan to obtain. Though a cheat sheet (yeah we saw you guy with the glasses cheating on that Finance Principles exam with the loud piece of white paper last week) may seem like no big deal, it is disrespectful to all the other students who would love to cheat but fought the feeling, to the professor and allows for the exam to not truly assess how well the class is doing.

Also, the same way our staff members see fellow classmates cheat, everyone in the class can see you cheat as well. We all know the world of black intellectuals is extremely small and intertwined. So today it may be just the girl smacking gum in the back row that knows, but in ten years that can be the woman who decides whether you get that promotion.

No one wants the doctor who skated their way through medical school or who found a way to cheat on the MCAT. No one wants the lawyer who stapled a cheat sheet inside their sweat shirt sleeve during the Bar.

And with all the fancy ways we as students have at our fingertips to cheat, what makes you think our professors aren't privy to the same advancements?

Teachers aren't as stupid as many of us think and with eager beaver graduate assistants, it won't be long before they catch your plagiarized term paper or see you scrolling through that Blackberry for the document you downloaded.

It is easier to cheat today, so we as students must be even more vigilant and remain ethical (and not mess up the curve for those who take their ‘C' with dignity!).

Cheating says a lot about a person's own morals. If you don't respect this University and what it stands for, what makes anyone think you respect them or their belongings or even yourself? Let's use our technology to do good and preserve the curve and our own integrity.

The reality is you only cheat yourself in the long run and those who you are to serve. You are not going to be as good as you could be because of your own lack of planning and preparation.

Maybe it will be in an interview for a job you really want or on a first date, when a country, a book or some area of study you didn't take the opportunity to learn about comes up, and it will finally sink in that you only got over on yourself.

We pay too much for education not to challenge ourselves to get the most out of this experience. In 2006, cheaters still never prosper.

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